I Love the iPhone Jumbo

I caved and bought an iPad Mini yesterday. I cruised over to the Hillsdale Apple Store to innocently “check one out” but after getting one of those little buggers in my hands I just had to have one.

I absolutely love this thing. Problem is that I loved the iPad 3 for a few days before the “shiny” wore off and I pretty much got over it. But this time, I think, I mean it…

Hers’ why I mean it this time: To me this isn’t a small iPad - its a big iPhone. I spend hours and hours on my iPhone - maybe 15 minutes of that time’s actually spent talking. I’m constantly using Well, Reeder, Twitter, Facebook & Alien Blue; whether its during my morning coffee or a cigarette break - my iPhone gets a lot of love.

But at home, on the couch, I’d reach for my laptop. The iPad 3 was always nearby but I never got into it. Ya, it looks great etc but the fucking thing was always too big. Typing was a bitch and it just got too heavy to hold. Having a laptop on my lap is way more comfortable than holding a heavy ass iPad.

Enter the iPhone Jumbo, the perfect couch companion. I’ve got my apps, it weighs nothing, I can type comfortably & its bigger than the iPhone - making web browsing and other reading related shit feel better. Honestly, indoors, I use it for what I’d use my iPhone for outdoors. I doesn’t feel like a iPad at all; it’s a bigger, more couch friendly iPhone.

Retina Screen

Yup, the screen on the iPhone Jumbo isn’t ideal. We’re spoiled. I’m sure most people have their face buried in an iPhone for a few hours a day so going to a non-retina screen will be a noticeable shift. But, it’s not terrible. Most things are fine but smaller fonts in app or on web pages do feel off.

Is it a deal breaker? Not for me. There is a difference but the fact that I’ll actually use this thing outweighs the my desire for a Retina Display.


Its a couch companion. I’ll never do work on it. I’ll never pretend it’s replacing my laptop nor will I attempt to create any content on it. But, if you’re sitting on your couch & want to surf the web, sms people or play a game this lil guy’s pretty badass. It’s a big iPhone & I like it a lot.

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